2007 National Wetlands Awards Recipients

Alice Wellford

Rappahannock Phragmites Action Committee
Richmond, Virginia
Alice Wellford is a landowner and naturalist who splits her time between the City of Richmond and Essex County, Virginia.

Lynda Saul

Montana Department of Environmental Quality
Helena, Montana
Lynda A. Saul’s passion for wetlands and wild places began as a child exploring ponds and local creeks in southern Ohio.

Mark and Terry Brockway

Greater Blue Heron Wildlife Refuge
Burlington, Iowa
In January 2000, Terry and Mark Brockway purchased 1,600 acres of flood plain located at the confluence of the Skunk and Mississippi Rivers, in one of the largest and most important pools in the entire Mississippi river system.

Jeff Nania

Wisconsin Waterfowl Association
Portage, Wisconsin
Jeff Nania lives in rural Columbia County, Wisconsin, with his three kids, Jim, Chris and Becky, all who have served penance as part of his wetland restoration field team.

Paul Keddy

Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, Louisiana
Dr. Paul A. Keddy received a Ph.D. in plant ecology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Jeanne Christie

Association of State Wetland Managers
Windham, Maine
Jeanne Christie is Executive Director of the Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc., an organization dedicated to incorporating sound science into public policy.