1989 National Wetlands Awards Recipients

John Walter

Conservation Editor, Successful Farming Magazine
Des Moines, Iowa
John Walter writes a conservation column each month for Successful Farming’s 1.3 million readers.

Robert B. Tiedmann

Ecologist, Idaho Transportation Department
Boise, Idaho
Robert B. Tiedmann has implemented remarkably innovative wetland protection initiatives during his 12 years with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD).

Marvin Hubbell

Wetland Program Administrator, Illinois Department of Conservation
Springfield, Illinois
Marvin Hubbell has served as the Wetland Program Administrator for the Illinois Department of Conservation since 1984.

Craig Todd

District Manager, Monroe Country Conservation District
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Craig Todd has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the enforcement of wetland protection laws in Monroe County.

Laura Tessier

Program Director, Westchester County Soil and Water Conservation District
Westchester County, New York
Laura Tessier has shown extraordinary leadership in expanding an assistance program for local governments in matters of soil and water conservation to incorporate the broad-based environmental planning and review services needed to protect wetlands.

Gary Gorman

Executive Director, Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy
Huntington Beach, California
Gary Gorman is the founder and Executive Director of the Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy, a small, nonprofit land trust dedicated to protecting and enhancing California’s Huntington Beach wetlands.