1999 National Wetlands Awards Recipients

John Teal, Ph.D

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Rochester, Massachusetts
John Teal is an exceptional scientist-citizen assisting with problem-solving in local, national, and international communities.

Patrick Willis

Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve
Hillsboro, Oregon
Pat Willis has phenomenal energy, vision, and a gift for making things happen.

Gary Donovan

Champion International Corporation
Bucksport, Maine
As Champion International Corporation’s Northeast Region Wildlife Biologist, Gary Donovan leads the management of cultural and natural resources associated with the 1.3 million acres of Champion land in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York.

Norman Haigh

Jonesville, Louisiana and Natchez, Mississippi
Norman Haigh has devoted a lifetime to restoring the productivity of farmland in the Lower Mississippi Valley.

Molly P. Brown

Friends of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Molly Brown began her public crusade to protect wetlands and wildlife habitat in Virginia Beach more than a decade ago.

Dee Arntz

National Audubon Society Wetlands Campaign
Seattle, Washington
Dee Arntz co-founded the Washington Wetlands Network (Wetnet) in 1990 to link and support people and organizations working to protect wetlands.

Representative Willard Munger

Minnesota House of Representatives
Duluth, Minnesota
Representative Willard Munger has been a leader of environmental protection in Minnesota since he was elected to its legislature in 1954.