NEW!  (1) Youth Leadership: This award is given to a wetlands champion, under the age of 21, whose work demonstrates a strong dedication to protecting wetlands. The nominee must be age 21 or under at the time of nomination.

(2) Scientific Research: This award is presented to an academic, consultant, or individual engaged in forward-thinking scientific research on wetland ecosystems.

(3) Promoting Awareness: This award is presented to an educator, volunteer, NGO staffer, or other individual whose direct activities inspire others to engage in wetlands protection and provide them with the tools to do so, through knowledge sharing, outreach or advocacy.

(4) Local Stewardship: This award is presented to a landowner, community member, local NGO staffer, or local government official, or other individual who voluntarily helps restore, protect, or minimize impacts to their local wetlands through actions taken either on their own property or on wetlands owned by others .

(5) Wetlands Program Development: This award is given to a state, local, or tribal authority who has developed and administered an outstanding wetland program.

(6) Business Leadership: This award is given to an individual who, through the course of their work in the private sector, has made substantial contributions to wetland sustainability as part of a corporate responsibility initiative or through their business.