1997 National Wetlands Awards Recipients

Wilford Cwikiel

Tip of the Mit Watershed Council
Conway, Michigan
Wilfred Cwikiel has devoted his work to making a positive impact on people’s perceptions, willingness, and ability to protect wetlands.

James P. Siepmann

Siepmann Realty Corporation
Waukesha, Wisconsin
James P. Siepmann is a land developer who specializes in developing open space communities that allow for new homes yet preserve the rural character of each site through protection of environmentally sensitive areas.

Brien O’Connor Dunn

Fennessey Ranch
Bayside, Texas
Brien O’Connor Dunn is the owner and operator of the Fennessey Ranch in Refugio County, Texas.

Joy B. Zedler

Pacific Estuarine Research Laboratory, San Diego State University
San Diego, California

Larry J. Smith

Wolf River Conservancy
Memphis, Tennessee
Larry J. Smith and his outgoing personality and unflagging energy have sparked the interest of children, bolstered the efforts of other local activists, and heightened public awareness of the environmental issues faced by the region.

Cheryl Miller

National Audubon Society
St. Paul, Minnesota
Cheryl Miller is the Minnesota Wetlands Director for the National Audubon Society.

Laura Lenzen

Nebraska Department of Roads
Lincoln, Nebraska
Laura Lenzen is a self-taught professional who began her career with the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) as a typist and worked her way up to wetlands engineer.