Land Stewardship and Development

Bryce and Brad Evans

Evans Family Farms
Concordia, Missouri
Bryce and Brad Evans purchased 1,450 acres of bottomland in Missouri in 1991, with dreams of developing a top-notch row crop farm.

David Carter

Fremont County Soil & Water Conservation District
Sydney, Iowa
David Carter grew up on a small farm in southwestern Iowa near the town of Randolph.

Clarence Mortenson

Mortenson Ranch
Hayes, South Dakota
A horseback ride to visit an old cowboy neighbor in 1942 changed young Clarence Mortenson’s life.

Jim King

California Coastal Conservancy
Oakland, California
Nature needs a defender in the beat-up U.S./Mexico borderlands.

Mike and Cathy McNeil

McNeil Ranch
Monte Vista, California
When Mike McNeil heads out to check his cattle on a March day, he’s likely to see amongst his grazing animals some of the 20-30,000 sandhill cranes and perhaps even rare whooping cranes that visit his ranch during their northerly migration.

Ken Brunswick

Friends of the Limberlost
Geneva, Indiana
After a rainy night in 1976, Ken Brunswick awoke one April morning and saw hundreds of acres of his dairy farm flooded.

Raymond Beck

Marlow, Oklahoma
Raymond Beck, a retired city employee, has dedicated and managed his 60-acres of land for wildlife for more than 30 years.

Gary Donovan

Champion International Corporation
Bucksport, Maine
As Champion International Corporation’s Northeast Region Wildlife Biologist, Gary Donovan leads the management of cultural and natural resources associated with the 1.3 million acres of Champion land in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York.

Norman Haigh

Jonesville, Louisiana and Natchez, Mississippi
Norman Haigh has devoted a lifetime to restoring the productivity of farmland in the Lower Mississippi Valley.

Robin Green

Hidden Creek at the Darby
West Jefferson, Ohio
As president of a development company in Central Ohio, Robin W. Green is seeking to redefine the relationship between residential developments and the environment.