1994 National Wetlands Awards Recipients

Keel Kemper

Assistant Regional Wildlife Biologist, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Waterville, Maine
Keel Kemper is an award winner in the Science Research category for his contributions to wetland conservation in Maine.

Deborah Buehler

Education Specialist, The Indianapolis Zoo
Indianapolis, Indiana
Deborah Buehler, an award winner in the Education and Outreach category, works as an Education Specialist for school programs at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Bill McHenry

Lead Instructor, International Union of Operating Engineers, Job Corps
Sacramento, California
Bill McHenry, award winner in the Land Stewardship and Development category, came to the Sacramento Job Corps in 1981.

Dr. Thomas Dick

Veterinarian and Naturalist
Johnston, Pennsylvania
Dr. Thomas Dick is an award winner both for his dedication to the restoration of wetlands on his property and for his role in making the wetlands restoration program in Pennsylvania one of the most successful in the nation.

Karen Bonner

Chair, Tucker County Planning Commission
Canaan Valley, West Virginia
In Canaan Valley, against the backdrop of West Virginia’s largest wetlands complex, Karen Bonner, winner in the Volunteer Leadership category, volunteers her time and energies to protect the Valley’s ecological integrity.

Ron Howing

Wildlife Management Biologist, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Esterville, Iowa
Ron Howing has been a wildlife biologist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in northwest Iowa since 1963.

Michael Houck

Director, Urban Stream Council/The Wetlands Conservancy
Portland, Oregon
Mike Houck, Director of the Wetland Conservancy’s Urban Streams Council program in Portland, Oregon, has worked for more than two decades to bring attention to wetlands and wildlife in urban environments.

Dennis Bowker

Resource Conservationist, Napa County Resource Conservation District
Napa County, California
Dennis Bowker, an award winner in the Outstanding Wetlands Program Development category, is a Resource Conservationist with the Napa County Resource Conservation District.